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David's Favourite Stories of the Day

What happens in the Alps, stays in the Alps!

Many of you know that I'm a storyteller and unashamed people watcher. That's why I love helping organisations with their coaching and training requirements. I learn so much about how different characters tick and what they are passionate about, the culture of the companies that I'm privileged to engage with and the fascinating customers and sectors that they focus on. It's so interesting. In both work and personal life, there are so many fascinating, humorous, educational and humbling tales to tell (obviously anonymously). It's like enjoying a glass of wine or great cup of coffee at a pavement cafe watching the world pass by. The things you see, if only you open your eyes. Now most of us can relate to that. People watching.

But when you get the chance to share some stories that make you laugh, cry, seriously contemplate and realise what it is important in your life; it truly is a pleasure. So thank you for being considerate in allowing me to share my favourite stories.

To be fair to those whose stories I will be telling, I'm starting with one about myself. Wait, stop....don't go. Thought it only right to put David Yeabsley on the stand first! Here goes!


What's the story, David? What happens in the Alps, stays in the Alps!

From the image at the top of this post, it potentially looks like a staged photoshoot. Here's David showing off again! Actually, I was on holiday with the lovely lady wife in Italy. We are an active outdoorsy couple, who like to get the most out of the beautiful places we visit.

The photo was taken during my morning cycle ride between Italy and Switzerland on the Passo della Stelvio. The second highest pass in the Alps. I certainly pushed the boundaries of my abilities on this stunning 14 mile challenge in incredible scenery!! I loved it and the reward was the achievement through hard work; the incredible landscape and weather, followed by a cold beer at the end! However, appreciate this is not everyone's cup of tea.


Pushing Yourself

This was the route I took. As mentioned, the first image looked like a photoshoot - the final selfie as I approached the summit. Now you can see how hard I actually pushed myself to reach it.

Celebrating the goal, the stunning scenery, the finished project; they all need focus, determination and hard work. Is it worth it? Oh yes!!!


It's so important, actually vital, to focus on what protects your future, your happiness, your health and your career/goal aspirations. The world is a such a small place. Nothing is impossible.

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