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BOOK REVIEW: From Vulnerable to Invincible - Sarah Jones

We sometimes say the wrong things at the wrong time and in the wrong way in spontaneous situations or when we just don’t really know what to say, and often with people we haven’t met before. We may then think, why did I say that?

I once attended a meeting where the client wanted me to me to share all my ideas with them before agreeing to commit to the work. For some reason I got a little defensive and implied that I was not willing to do that and the meeting went a bit sour, plus I was getting a bit frustrated with them not making a decision. Afterwards I sat down and wondered why I reacted in in the manner that I did.  I was a bit annoyed with my response and behaviour. I concluded that a bit of humour would have been a better approach, or gaining more information about their position. I really wasn’t being myself.

This is often a challenge when we put ourselves in certain situations. We are not being authentic and true to ourselves. Being happy and comfortable with ourselves is essential in Future Proofing ourselves to cope with all the potential challenges that we may be faced with.

Help is at hand... A wonderful book called From Vulnerable to Invincible by Sarah Jones takes the reader on a great self-development journey that covers being authentic in a simple and easy way; to make sure we are comfortable in being ourselves and behave in a manner that supports us as an individual. I love the concept “so you can be more of a successful version of yourself”

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