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Best Career Development Tips - Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

A lot of my video content comes from my coaching conversations and this one is no different.

I have had two very similar conversations with managers who are incredibly good at what they do and have been doing it for a fair while.

Both have confidence and competence in their roles. They have been instrumental in setting up and building really good businesses.

But, and there is often a But.

Time has changed and their business have either merged or been bought out and they now need to move into a new world of international corporate strategic alliances and strategies.

But...they still want to stay comfortable in their old world where their confidence and competence is very high. "Who can blame them?", some might say.

After discussing at length, we came to the following conclusion:

  • give it ago

  • research it

  • do your due diligence

  • talk to people

  • get advice from others that have made the transition

  • look at future opportunities for you and the business and how you may contribute

  • visualise what will happen if you don’t evolve

You may well love it and be pleased you stepped up into the international corporate world.

However, if you decide the new world isn’t for you and you would prefer to stay as a technical expert in your own field that too is fine.

You have stepped up and given yourself the chance to have choices.

Life is about choices, but you have got to give it ago before saying yes or no.

By challenging yourself to 'give it a go' you can be comfortable in having no regrets and in making the right choice for you.

You don’t want to be left behind.

Naturally if you would like to discuss any similar scenarios that you are facing, please do get in touch.


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