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Be inquisitive and learn from your mistakes

What a very unusual time we are living in. It certainly makes you take stock and realise what is really important in your life. It's also an opportunity to take advantage of one of my favourite subjects, personal reflection time and learn some new skills or focus on the further developing the skills you have.

For instance, I have successfully had to make changes within my own business and have transferred my coaching sessions to now be available online and work via the fantastic Zoom facility, which has enabled me to still honour the work that I had already committed to. Makes for happy David and happy clients. See here for more details.

Today's video tutorial focusses on 'being inquisitive and learning from your mistakes'. We all make mistakes, errors of judgement or just go plain wrong, but don't beat yourself up, it's unlikely you will step on that landmine again.

However, be inquisitive, it is great for learning. In your job or if you are looking for one; ask brilliant questions, be like a child and fathom out how things work. It shows you are interested and want to learn, plus getting involved and asking lots of questions will help improve your knowledge in that area and help towards future proofing yourself.

To discover how you can achieve and maximise your potential, please click on the following link.

I look forward to speaking to you.

Regards, David

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