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Be An Expert In Selling Yourself

I'm delighted to present a new series of videos focussed on looking for opportunities in tough times.

Today's video 'be an expert in selling yourself' stresses that to talk confidently about yourself is a professional responsibility and covers two different scenarios where you should be able to demonstrate your expertise in your particular field. But will/do you?

Scenario One

So you are sat in a reception room of a client who you would like to do business with. You are representing the company that you work for as one of the top consultants. You have been chasing them for nearly a year and now its pitch time for them to say yes or no.

So have you have researched the client, done our due diligence to the full? You have looked at their financials, their history, the key decision makers. You have met them before and fully understood their business, their future plans, their marketplace and the potential of the company. Plus, importantly, you know what you have to offer will add great value to their business and how it will help them achieve their growth plans.

You know your product and service inside out, you present with style and nail any Q and As, you are confident and competent in talking and presenting all areas of your service and your business.

The fee for the service you are offering is £350,000

You are confident, professional, prepared and excited. You are an expert in your field no one knows more about it than you do.

Scenario Two

Now are sat in another reception area this time, for a job. If you win the job and stay there for several years it will be the equivalent of you earning £350,000 over that period of time.

So are you as confident, professional, prepared, and excited as the first scenario, if not, why?

Often, we can talk confidently about a company, product/service that we represent, but not about ourselves. Surely you are an expert on you, surely no one knows more about you than you.

Do your research and due diligence on a job opportunity as well as you would if you were selling a company's product/service and talk about yourself and the value that you bring in the same way as pitching to win business

If you can’t talk positively about you, who is going to do it for you?

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